'Shaken Not Stirred' (Interdisciplinary project week) from Stichting Dollypop
Art Director & Exhibition curator
_Concept brainstorm with participants about their project
_Project week documentation
_Concept, Creation of the publication in web & print
_Concept & organisation of the exhibitions
Documentation Concept
As art-director of the project week 'Shaken' I was responsible to document all the projects made during the week by the participants. 

The theme of the project was 'the time is now'. I chose the Facebook timeline interface as a metaphor for time flying by. I froze the timeline by creating a printed newspaper and a static website showing all the projects.

'tijd van nu logo' in Facebook font

I explored the Facebook UI and features to come-up with a layout for the different content that had to be published. 
For example there was the project story in the form of an 'facebook update' with the project participants commenting.

Research 'Facebook interface'

Newspaper Design 'Facebook style'

Newspaper print - first page

Newspaper detail 'recipe' by the cook 

Newspaper print with a list of the organisational team

Newspaper detail 'social suicide'

Newspaper detail 'event: exhibition'

Behind the scenes
As I didn't had a proper camera I had to come up with another quick solution to get each participant to have a similar portrait. I created a 'photobooth' with black cardboard where the participant could take their portrait using iOS Photobooth application on a laptop.

Behind the scenes: Portraits with webcam & Photobooth

Printed end-result of the Newspaper
Creating a physical Facebook environment

Promotion for the exhibition

Sign design for marking the projects at the exhibition
With title and the project participants as 'likes'

Physical 'like' stickers to show appreciation for projects

Sign with physical sticker

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