My first logo design for the cover 
My first poster design
In addition to the paper, I designed a poster using paint and markers, and created a quiz related to this poster.

Question 1: Name 3 characteristics that indicates this is a poster inspired by Pop-Art:
Pop-Art London | Fleur Augustinus | 2001
Possible answers
_The dots, yellow bright colour, thick black lines and speech bubble were all inspired by the famous Pop-Artist Lichtenstein. 
_The telephone cell relates to an item used in everyday life (back in 2000..)
_It clearly has 'Pop-Art' written on it
I chose the following 4 posters to conduct a deeper research analyses about the meaning behind the design. Bellow you find a few quotes from these analyses.
"Something beautiful (DuBeau), something good (DuBonne), 
when it is beautiful and good I want to drink more"
Cassandre | Dubonnet | 1932
"The spiral shape of the text represent the point of view of the man with the camera capturing the city"
Chelovek s kino-apparatom | 1929
"The building without windows express an eerie, alianating atmosphere"
Metropolis | Heinz Schulz-Neudamm | 1927
"Fools are children of the moon"
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